Year 2244. Cyberpunk finally released. Mankind destroyed Earth. Luckily there are a bunch of other ones spread throughout the galaxy. All they need is our Moon to make it feel like home. Use gravity to set the Moon into orbit around Earth II, Earth XII and beyond in this physics puzzler.

A game by Calvin Cruikshank ( and audio by Dylan Hackett-Murgas (

Install instructions

To download extract the folder and run Orb It.exe.


Download 27 MB
Download 32 MB


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I wanted to avoid an orbital game because we were afraid other people might come up with the same idea and knock it out of the park. This game confirms our decision well done.  It doesn't seem to be mentioned in the comments yet (probably a testament to how well it's done) but the sound design is 11/10.

Thank You! Dylan did the sound design and I agree he did an amazing job! He will be stoked when he reads your comment later. You can check out his website here (It definitely is a testament to how well Dylan did. It's like that quote from Futurama: "When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all").

Very stoked!!! Wow thank you. Glad you enjoyed it super proud of this project. 


super fun, nice and chill aesthetic. Good challenge couldn't get past the little repulsors


Well done! It takes a bit a bit of time to get into, but once you have figured out, how it work, it gets cool.


I'm so close to beating this. Very challenging and addicting


damn its addicting, just cant stop

Thank you so much! I love the art in your game

Thank you very much :)

i wonder if its good lol

Could you port it to Mac please, if you want I can do it.


Just added! Let me know if there are any problems with the link. Thanks.

Thanks, will try out


Really well done! Didnt make it to the end though...

Below the gameplay footage when I played :D

11:58 Orbit

Thanks for posting! These videos are a ton of fun to watch. 

Also fun to play! haha


> Year 2244. Cyberpunk finally released.



looks good but was very hard


The game has a good mechanic that can be addicting. I recommend adding extra easier levels in the beginning to ease players into committing to the game.


its really diffucult if you dont know what your doing

I feel that the planets gravity just drops off at a point.


YES CYBERPUNK is now released, After the great grandchildren of the developers in CD Projekt. It took literal generations of these developers and I get to play both of these games.


A great game, but is this intended to be some kind of rage game? If it is then this is spot on. The control is quite hard, I'm just brute forcing my way to the win. 

At first I thought this is some kind of casual game that I can complete in 5 minutes. Then after I learn the control I was like "oh no". 

I really enjoy it, but I'm not the kind of person who likes hard puzzle or rage game. I only like casual puzzle game. Overall I like this game, but I don't want to torture myself anymore. 

I also have a suggestion for the game. Instead of just jumping to the next level, what if there's a pop up windows that tell us our data for the level. Like how many restart or death, and maybe even the timer for how long we defeat the level. 


Hey Yuzi! I loved the playthrough! It is very hard I'll admit and I'm glad you liked it. The idea about level data is a great one. I will do my best to add a medal system that rates you based on your performance. Thanks for the feedback!